Art: Tales Of A City by Seigar

photographer_ seigar

Since 2005, I have been working on this long-term travel and street photo-narrative project in the UK.  I took this eleventh set in Manchester in December 2022.  Its characteristic orange bricks and the warm light I was lucky to find in the winter attracted my attention.  Connected emotionally and professionally with the English culture, I have tried to show this personal bond in a pop manner, my most important artistic influence.  I am also interested in giving my views on British identity.  On this short trip and stay in this industrial city, I followed a guide of urban spots for street photography that I had found on the Internet, so I visited the list of places suggested and managed to capture my fetishes once more: shop windows, my plastic people, food, abandoned objects, and curious finds.  I also was seduced by its street art, nature, and steam.  I pushed the form with reflections, repetitions, and saturated colors, the elements that have become part of my style.  In the last series of this project, I sense I have been a photographer with freedom, which means I'm less worried about technique and more focused on emotions.  I just flowed to my rhythm and danced to my beats, possibly because I have been able to put my ego in plane mode, and my priority for the last few years has been enjoying life.  This has been the first for me.  The intention is evident in these Tales of a City, as a conceptual artist, I force myself to communicate directly, and to send straight messages in my images.  This approach is essential for me.  Enjoy the new tales, carpe diem!

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