SOME Essentials: BACANAL

BACANAL is an independent publication based in Puerto Rico. All the contributions are united by a theme. Its main goal is to expose the progress of young artists that break the stereotypes of what's considered traditional art by using artistic expressions such as photography, illustration, writing, painting, collage and even musical composition. BACANAL appreciates artistic inspiration in all its forms, but valorizes originality. The publication looks for individuals who are thinking outside of the box and expressing originality through their own styles.

Anyone interested in being considered for upcoming editions must submit contributions (300 dpi/jpeg) to elbacanal@gmail.com and be aware of the issue's theme. The best contributions will be chosen for publication. Remember that contributions are intellectual property of its respective creators and by submitting material to BACANAL you grant permission for it to be used only for purposes of publication in BACANAL and/or related projects.

In case you want to give it a try, the next issue's theme is: Juegos y Juguetes (Games and Toys) and you have until the end of March to submit.

Where to get BACANAL:

-BACANAL #0: Freeballin'
Available upon Request

-BACANAL #1: Amor, Relaciones y Sexo (Love, Relationships and Sex)
Available at:
Cafe 103, Rio Piedras
La Tertulia, Rio Piedras
Bang - On Tshirts, Rio Piedras
El Local, Santurce
Executive Manolo, Santurce

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