Puerto Rican designers Michelle Otero Ramirez (April 4, 1978 - Santurce, PR) and Norein Otero Ramirez (February 22, 1980 - Santurce, PR) are more than simply sisters. Together, they are Ecliptica, a fashion dynamic duo often described as very fun and feminine.

Ecliptica is having a great year so far! They presented a collection this season at the New York Fashion Week and they are celebrating their 10 year anniversary this month. SOME blog. had the opportunity to ask the girls a couple of questions... and here are their answers!

SOME blog. : When and how did you exactly decided to be fashion designers?
Ecliptica : We were exactly 17 and 19 when we decided to study fashion. It all came by pure coincidence. My sister already sewed her own dresses and I studied Art in the UPR. Later, we decided to enroll in Lisa Thon School of Design. We graduated together and did our end of course collection together as Ecliptica. From then on we have not stopped working.

SOME blog. : Did you ever think you were going to be where you are right now?
Ecliptica : Yes we did. We have worked for exactly what we are now and continue to work to get to where we want to go.

SOME blog. : What does fashion means to you?
Ecliptica : Fashion is an expression of the human creativity. It's how you feel. It's who you are. As serious as it may sound, at the end it's pure fun and joy of dressing.

SOME blog. : Do you have a favorite designer?
Ecliptica : Many, but study the original masters as Paul Poiret, Jeanne Lanvin, Madame Gres and Cristobal Balenciaga.

SOME blog. : What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?
Ecliptica : We find it in art movements, different nationalities and cultures and music...

SOME blog. : How would you describe your style?
Ecliptica : It's contemporary, but with vintage influences and very feminine.

SOME blog. : What do you love the most about being fashion designers?
Ecliptica : CREATING!

SOME blog. : Is there anything you hate about it?
Ecliptica : NO.

SOME blog. : Being able to expose a collection during New York Fashion Week is perhaps a must in every designer's goals list. You had the opportunity to do so... How does it feel?
Ecliptica : It feels like a finalized dream, but at the same time, the beginning of lots of more things to come.

SOME blog. : What would you like to say to up and coming designers out there?
Ecliptica : Find your own signature look and define who you are by searching for uniqueness and originality.

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Michelle and Norein Otero Ramirez - Ecliptica

Spring-Summer 2010 Illustration

Hilary Duff wearing Ecliptica

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