Francesca Ramirez is living her dream. Frankie, as many call her, was born in Mayaguez, Puerto Rico and has been involved with the performing arts since she was very young. She was given an opportunity by her father at an early age and from that moment on she has not stopped one second to do what she loves and enjoys the most.

She is a risk taker and never gives up. One day she decided to take a plane to pursue her dream and thanks to her enthusiasm and optimistic attitude she is now fulfilling it. The girl not only can sing and dance, but she's an actress too! And she has her own jewelry line...

SOME blog. : What would you call your first experience with music?
Francesca : Since a very young age, I enjoy dancing and singing in front of my family and teddy bears in my bedroom (she laughs), so I have to say when I was 4 years old I started developing a deep love for music.

SOME blog. : When and how did you exactly decide that you wanted to sing?
Francesca : My dad had a cover band called Flashback and needed a singer, I was 11 years old and told him to make me lead singer of his band (And he did!!). I became the lead singer for Flashback for several years gaining experience till I decided to go and audition for a singing competition.

SOME blog. : Did you ever think you were going to be where you are right now?
Francesca : I've always believed in myself and in what I have to offer as a singer/performer 100%, so I always knew it was going to happen sooner or later.

SOME blog. : What does music means to you?
Francesca : The world and my entire life! Music is everything for me... It always puts a smile in my face, it reliefs my stress, it makes me fall deeper in love with the person I love, it inspires me to be in shape and to do better. It makes me who I am.

SOME blog. : Do you have a favorite artist (any kind)?
Francesca : My hero was and will always be Michael Jackson.

SOME blog. : What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?
Francesca : Everything that brings smiles and joy to people is what inspires me. I usually find myself and my inspiration at the beach or at a park where I can be alone.

SOME blog. : How would you describe your style?
Francesca : Sexy / Funky / Creative

SOME blog. : What do you love the most about being a performer?
Francesca : The look in people's faces (she laughs) and the amazing feeling I get when I'm doing it.

SOME blog. : Is there anything you hate about it?
Francesca : Noup.

SOME blog. : What are you doing at the moment apart from music?
Francesca : I have my own jewelry line, LUCKY FLIRTS, and I've been blessed to have many celebrities supporting it as their choice of accessories. It will be in many boutiques in Puerto Rico soon. I also started the lead role on an HBO pilot that is still waiting to be picked up, but acting is going very well. I really enjoy it as well.

SOME blog. : What would you say is your biggest achievement so far?
Francesca : I have to say becoming the lead singer for the Pussycat Dolls burlesque show in Los Angeles and being discovered by a huge executive producer has been the biggest achievement. I am currently working on a project to be out by summer.

SOME blog. : What advice can you give to boys and girls out there trying to make it into the music industry?
Francesca : I would say to never stop believing in yourself and very important: NEVER GIVE UP ON SOMETHING YOU CAN'T GO A DAY WITHOUT THINKING ABOUT!





PHOTOGRAPHY: David Alvarez

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