the twentyten is a clothing label based in New York. It is composed by Jeff Dodd, Nina Zilka and David J. Krause. The three designers met while studying Fashion Design at Pratt Institute. Their interest in creating fashion that could be both conceptual and accessible led them to form the twentyten. They create avant-garde pieces that still functional and are a member of the Pratt Design Incubator for Sustainable Innovation.

See their creations featured in the Ironbound editorial shot by Rupert Tapper for SOME Magazine - Issue #01 "The First Time".

the twentyten answers SOME Questions:

SOME blog. : When and how did you exactly decided to be fashion designers?
the twentyten : We decided to be fashion designers because we were interested in the arts and creating beautiful things, but we also wanted to make something functional in the world.

SOME blog. : Did you ever think you were going to be where you are right now?
the twentyten : No, not at all. This company came about in a very organic way, because we started when we were students, just for fun, with no plan to make it a business, and by the time we graduated we were able to just keep it going.

SOME blog. : What does fashion means to you?
the twentyten : The constant change of style.

SOME blog. : Do you have a favorite designer?
the twentyten : the twentyten

SOME blog. : What inspires you? Where do you find inspiration?
the twentyten : The juxtapositions in nature and the environment.

SOME blog. : How would you describe your style?
the twentyten : Jeff is shabby chic, David wears a few sizes too big, and Nina wears whatever the twentyten designed for our last collection.

SOME blog. : What do you love the most about being fashion designers?
the twentyten : We get to work with ourselves everyday and creating an image people can wear.

SOME blog. : Is there anything you hate about it?
the twentyten : Yes. All the money we don't make.

SOME blog. : Where do you see the twentyten in the next years? What are your future plans?
the twentyten : We want to make shoes, accessories, a beauty line, the whole nine yards.

SOME blog. : What would you like to say to up and coming designers out there?
the twentyten : We are up and coming designers, so we say, watch out.

the twentyten - S/S 2011


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